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The folks at Travel Match submitted this infographic to us.

This is really cute and creative. The use of data viz is great–the designer picked a nice way for the infographic to remain light and accessible without being weighed down by traditionally structured graphs and charts. Simple tools like altering the size of an icon to reflect the percentage or proportion keep data viz looking unobtrusive, even when there’s a lot of it–and there should be a lot of it. Some of my favorite examples here are the clock showing preferred departure times, the beds showing length of stay (the stubby 0.8% bed made me laugh–it looks so uncomfortably short!), and the diving board for preferred pool types. The summary at the bottom is also nice, since it condenses all the data into a snapshot of your typical British vacation. Text like this is completely admissible in an infographic. It isn’t telling us any new information; it’s just summing up points.

(Just as an aside, it was surprising to see that so many more people go on two week vacations than ten day vacations!)

I suppose my only critiques are that the typeface is a little ordinary and the overall design is fairly sketch-basic. I’m certainly not saying go crazy with 3D, but maybe some more textures, gradients or shadows in some places would liven it up a little. The way it’s currently designed is a rather busy and cluttered. These are definitely subjective critiques, though..

Given the extremely informative, well-organized, data viz-reliant nature of this infographic, it’s earned itself a B. Good work!

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