“Infographic”: Most Interesting Things Moved by Atlas Movers

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This was submitted to us by the Atlas moving company. Here is what they had to say about it:

The typical Atlas Van Operator drives between 50,000 and 75,000 miles each year, taking great care of customers’ belongings — no matter what is being shipped. In 2010 Atlas completed more than 100,000 interstate and cross-border (US-Canada) moves. When we asked the Van Operators, “What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever moved”, we found the responses, well… very interesting. We created this infographic to show some of the unusual things Atlas van operators encounter in a day’s work. In addition to the fun the van operators have of loading and transporting unusual cargo, many report that the best part of being an Atlas van operator is having the opportunity to meet people from across the country, as well as the freedom of the open road.

This is actually not an infographic – there is no data visualization here. It is a cool idea, though. If Atlas had the opportunity to survey all their movers about the strange things they’ve hauled, it would be possible to obtain data on other details – how far each of these items went, how much they weighed, etc. Another good idea is to tally up all the unusual items that movers have moved and show that data visually (for instance, how many drivers have had to move a suit of armor or a stuffed bear? I’d venture to say more than one).

It’s a good idea, but not quite an infographic. Taking the time to collect data on this stuff (survey the movers) could provide a really interesting data set.

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