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What is the most attended sports league in the world?

Ever wondered what is the most attended sports league in the world is? How about the domestic sporting event that attracts the highest attendace? Today on the blog, we give you some numbers that might help you win a bet at your local pub this weekend.

This is a great list of stats. It’s interesting to see what really are the most popular leagues by sheer audience numbers, though I am surprised that MLB ranks #1 as soccer/football is known as the world’s most popular sport. It seems that folks really come out for the big soccer games, but not as much during the season?

While this is a great set of stats that is set up in an easy-to-read format, the designer didn’t take a chance on visualizing any of the data. This means that we have to read to get the information, rather than just glancing at it. A bar graph could show us proportionally just how many more audience members the MLB’s 73,451,522 attendance is versus the runner-up Nippon Professional Baseball at just 21,679,596. As it is, we have to imagine, or do some calculations to see that that’s over 50,000,000 fewer attendees, or just 29% of MLB’s turnout.

I’d love to see these numbers visualized to make their impact even stronger. Until then, I can’t properly rank this as an infographic. It gets an A for interesting data, though!

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