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This infographic comes to us from the people at ClickScape.

This looks nice and has some good information, and the overall design and color scheme is put together well. Although this looks nice, there is basically nothing about this that qualifies it as an infographic, so I give it a D-. There is no data visualization here. It is all text presented in colorful boxes that give the illusion of this being an infographic. The only part that has remotely any data visualization is the bar that shows a monthly payment breakdown. All I can suggest to improve this is to completely re-design it; as it is I would say it is about 50 percent of an infographic because the information is there, but the graphics are not.

The viewers of this have to read everything to get the data, and although the design is easy on the eye, none of the data is represented visually. A mortgage payment is a very technical topic for an infographic, so I realize it is hard to represent all of the data with graphics. But since there are lots of numbers and percentages involved, there could at least be some graphs or pie charts on here to compare some of the data visually. There should be some images to go along with captions, too. For example, there could be a picture of a house with a dollar sign on it next to the part that says “price of home”. The bottom part about PMI would be much more effective if the numbers were presented all together in a line graph, so that viewers could compare actual costs of a home for the different PMI percentages.

All in all this looks nice and has a lot of good information, but it needs a whole lot more data visualization to be considered a good infographic.

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