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More Than Just A Name: Can Our Names Influence Our Life Choices? [Infographic] – by

Dennis the Dentist. Laura the Lawyer. Usain Bolt – Fastest Runner Alive. Ever wondered if these are just hilarious coincidences, or if names really can influence our life choices? At, we found ourselves asking the same question – so we decided to do our research, and what we found was too funny to pass up. Check out this hilarious infographic we put together with our favorite examples of how names really can influence our lives – then share that smile with your friends! For more info, check out our blog post “What’s In A Name? The Meaning of Names & Life Choices” : – Find Anyone, Anywhere with The Leading Online People Search Engine

This is a cute look into instances where our names line up with, or even influence, our lives. The introductions explain the concepts, while the illustrations break up the chunks of names a bit and help to describe the irony!

While it’s an interesting presentation of the concept, it isn’t quite an infographic. An infographic might include statistics, maps, timelines, and other ways to represent hard data. There is one statistic in the “Name-Letter Effect” section, but since it’s within a block of text, there isn’t an opportunity to visualize it. An intro paragraph is fine, but generally, placing three text-only sections one after the other increases the chance that the viewer is going to skim or skip it entirely, so try to keep text minimal on your infographics.

I’d recommend that a bit more research be done into this phenomenon, and more statistics like the likelihood of men to live in states resembling their names! It would round out the graphic to become a bit more comprehensive and informative.

In all, I’d give this infographic a C, since it could use a boost in content and data visualization, as well as something to trim or break up the text early on.

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