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This infographic was submitted to us by They provided the following description:

“When compared to the simple joys of childhood, growing up and handling your financial responsibilities can be quite the challenge. … You might say Mint makes managing your finances seem like mere child’s play.

We started thinking about Mint, finances, and childhood—and got a little nostalgic. The following infographic reflects that childhood nostalgia with our version of everyone’s favorite childhood board game—Candy Land.”

This is really cute. I kind of want to print it out and turn it into a game. It’s nice to see bright colors used effectively, without overkill. The design and illustrations are really well done, and it’s a good guide to navigating the website.

Ultimately, though, nothing about this is an infographic. There’s no info–no data that can be visualized. An infographic needs statistics. Numbers, percentages, proportions, ratios. There’s nothing of the sort here, so we can’t call it an infographic and I can’t grade it as one. This would be really cool to have on a landing page, making the destinations (like the Ways to Save Cave) links to the parts of the site they mention.

I’d imagine this company does have some statistical data to work with, so maybe a similar format could be used for a future project that would truly be an infographic.

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