Infographic: Modernization of the Ranch House Plan


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The Mid-Century Modern home style has seen a resurgence in popularity as homeowners increasingly appreciate its clean, elegant lines and integration of outdoor elements. This infographic shows how this futuristic style developed from the early ranch house plan.

It’s a little hard to judge this infographic as there is no data visualization. It’s a timeline with a breakdown of the elements that make up each style of ranch house, and while there are a few numbers, none of them are visualized. It’s very informative, however, and does leave me with a pretty clear sense of the distinctions between home styles.

The layout and color scheme are fairly simple so it is easy to follow the order of information in the design. One thing I was curious about was that the introductory paragraph refers to “the Mid-Century Modern home,” but that term isn’t used again later on. It’s a little unclear to which home plan that term is referring, since “mid-century” in terms of time would be the Modern West House Plan, but the phrasing in the intro seems to allude to it being the 21st Century Modern instead.

The data shown with 21st Century Modern could easily be visualized in an engaging way that makes used of the numbers. 10 homes, 10 home icons. 22 awards, 22 trophies. Instead, a single icon is used to represent each point, and the number is just written out. I think it would be interesting to see visually that Schnell’s Street of Dreams homes have won over two times more awards than there are houses.

In all I’d give this graphic a B+ as a tool for home style distinction, but a D as an infographic — the few numbers there are are not effectively visualized.

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