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This infographic was submitted to us by Zenprise.

There’s a lot of good survey information here, and I like the integration of mobile imagery throughout. The design stays clean and well organized, maintaining a good balance of illustration and an aesthetic that is suitable for B2B but avoids being completely blah (all traditional bar graphs, minimal use of color, etc.). It’s easy to get the facts and the bigger picture from the simple and concise presentation of information.

Perhaps the designer was afraid of data viz overkill, but there are some spots where I wonder why the number wasn’t visualized. For instance, 23.4% of those surveyed said they see a real monetary ROI from mobile. That’s almost 1 in 4 respondents, but we don’t get that visual cue. It’s the same situation for the final 2 stats on data security — we see them written but there’s no way to really see the importance of data security and secure access to most of the IT professionals surveyed.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s clean and easy to understand, keeps the length down and is full of numbers. Maximizing the use of data viz wouldn’t be excessive here, since the infographic itself is brief and there is enough white space for it to work.

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