Infographic: Mobile Devices Running Wild?


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This infographic was submitted to us by Zenprise.

This is really clear, concise, and effective. While it isn’t fantastically visually engaging, there are not that many points of focus to contend with, so it’s simple for the reader to get through this in about 30 seconds — perfect for the busy CTO.

We’re introduced to facts about how prevalent mobile devices are in business and how significant security risks can be. Then we get a hypothetical situation showing how the problem of device/data theft can be solved by geo-fencing. The messaging is clear and easily digestible.

The infographic also clearly presents its reputable sources and features the company’s logo without making the infographic or content itself a sales pitch. This is a great method for allowing viewers to link the data to your company without feeling like they’re having anything pushed on them.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s very quick and effective but just a bit more visual interest — a different colored or textured background, most detailed illustrations, etc. — would make me more likely to pick it out on a page as something I’d like to examine.

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