Infographic: Mobile Device Managment


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This infographic was submitted to us by Zenprise.

I like the style of the first set of data visualization here. The cleverly subtle overlay on top of a world map, also including watermark-esque icons of each platform, makes for a visually engaging introduction to the rest of the more plain (but effective) data viz to come.

The issue here is that instead of letting the data do the talking, all the talking does the talking. An infographic that’s based on a report doesn’t have to include the heavy text of the report. Long blocks of sentences and paragraphs can almost always be condensed into organized and bulleted sections that let the viewer understand what’s being said without having to really read. This infographic seems to combine the functions of an infographic and an infographic blog post. My eye is skipping over all the text to analyze the charts instead.

We also like to avoid all-white backgrounds in general, as they’re likely to just blend in with the web page where the IG might be embedded, making less of an impact.

In all I’d rank this a C as an infographic — I’m so glad that there is clear and effective data viz, but when that happens, there shouldn’t need to be a lot of text to help it out. Slimming down that content will help boost the efficacy of the piece overall.

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