Infographic: Marriages in England 2013


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This infographic was submitted to us by The Wedding Secret, who are focused on Weddings in England 2013.

There’s some interesting data here on how weddings and marriages add up in England. I really like the timeline of major events juxtaposed with the number of marriages during that time. It’s also interesting to see just how popular of a wedding day Saturday is, with the overwhelming majority of weddings taking place on that day.

As far as design, this infographic could use some reconsideration. It seems to be mixing several styles, introducing new themes at random intervals. While the main font is a basic Arial, other fonts are interspersed, often used only once in the design.

It’s important to pick one illustration style, color palette, and theme, and keep the infographic consistent for a sense of unity. An infographic should be one distinctive piece, so if you have a new style element to introduce, it’s best to save it for the next project — that way each individual infographic can shine on its own.

Additionally, there are some capitalization inconsistencies throughout (capitalizing regular nouns in the middle of sentences) that are a bit distracting.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s informative, but needs to pick an overall aesthetic to run with for the length of the design.

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