Infographic: Manage the Surge in Unstructured Data with Intelligent Networking


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This infographic was submitted to us by XO Communications, who also provided a brief description:

A big influx or increase in data creates challenges for IT departments for small and big businesses. Unstructured data is causing businesses to review their networks, backup solutions, hosting and more. Don’t be left out in the dark; Prepare your network for big data!

The first set of data viz is very effective in showing the ratio of information increase to IT staff increase — it’s clear that there’s a significant gap there. The trend continues as the infographic stays light on text and uses quite a bit of unique data visualization to help tell the story. A viewer can digest all of the information in about a minute, and the infographic is bookended with an intro and conclusion that help tie the story together.

There does seem to be an inconsistency in messaging: the intro paragraph says “All information today is unstructured data,” but under the header “Big Data Information Varies…” it says that “Nearly all of the information today is unstructured data.” Looking at the information here, I’d side with “nearly all,” but it’s important to be consistent throughout.

Additionally, a white background can be problematic as it blends in with a large portion of web pages that might potentially share the graphic. This can make it difficult to distinguish if the infographic is just part of a web page or if it’s a standalone and sharable image.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s styled appropriately for its audience (B2B without being boring), is concise, and is engaging. It could just use a quick look at that “all” vs. “nearly all” messaging, as well as consideration for a different color or texture to help the background stand out.

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