Infographic: Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible


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KD Smart Chair sent us this infographic!

The cross-section of a house is a really helpful way to check out where improvements can be made within the home. Coding with numbers is also a smart way to handle labeling on an illustration.

One thing that could be improved is the numbering system itself. Each feature on the illustration should have its own unique number if the descriptions are going to differ, and they should appear in numerical order in the key rather than room-by-room for easier location. When a viewer sees a “1” in the illustration and scrolls down to the key, they will likely expect the “1” will be the first thing they find. If any numbers are to be repeated on the illustration, the number should appear just once in the key, with a simple description like “Phone/alert system.” That eliminates the confusion of having multiple 4s with slightly different descriptions (e.g., “Phone/alert system near bed” and “Phone/alert system near toilet & shower”). If the longer descriptions are desired, then each callout on the illustration needs to have its own number instead.

I like some of the use of icons in the “Accessibility Tips” section, particularly in “Lighting” and “Security” — each callout has an icon next to it to clarify what it’s talking about, so you don’t really need to read the text to anticipate what it’s recommending. That’s an indication of successful use of icons and illustrations.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- because it’s on the right track, but needs some simplification to be more effective/less confusing early on.

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