Infographic: Make the Most of Summer Travel


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This infographic was submitted to us by MapQuest, and provides a great list of things to do around the United States this summer. Even those who can’t get too far from home can check out nearby national parks, ball games, etc. Plus, ouch–the cheapest gas in America in late June was nearly $2.50? Oh, how times have changed!

There are a few standard design comments I want to make here–one is that we typically don’t like to see IGs with white backgrounds, as it’ll just blend in with a large percentage of webpages that host it (like us!). White backgrounds also just aren’t that exciting to look at–especially when combined with gray illustrations. And though there is a lot of fantastic info here, none of it is effectively visualized. There’s plenty of relevant iconography and illustration, but no representation of the numbers. Fifty-eight national parks = 58 trees? Two thousand year old tree = tree dissection with 200 rings (where each ring equals 10 years)? There are a lot of creative ways to visualize all the great numbers on this infographic and up the interest. Data viz and a color makeover could make this infographic excellent.

In all, I’d give this infographic a C. Good content, but a facelift wouldn’t hurt.

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