Infographic: Madonna vs. Lady Gaga


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This graphic is kind of like a scavenger hunt, or a patchwork quilt of singer celebrities. Look for one pointy cone bra… there it is! Dress made of muppet eyes… found it! It’s pretty fun to see if you can recall each outfit from just a clue and a style tag.

“Madonna and Lady Gaga: Two shameless pop stars willing to try anything, no matter
how abominable or shocking, to secure a seat at the top of the charts (and tabloids).”

Unfortunately, this isn’t really an infographic; it’s a map of fashion. The design is pretty basic, and the resolution isn’t very high. Any zooming in or out makes it almost unreadable. I wish we could have a little more info about the background of each style, too. The styles would need to be supplemented with statistics–the rankings of Paparazzi and Material Girl on the Billboard charts, or how much the music videos cost, or the number of people that tuned into VMA performances.

Overall, I give this infographic a D-, because the proportions are fine and the intent is good, but it’s all graphic and no data viz.

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