Infographic: Love by Numbers – Valentine’s Day in the UK


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This infographic was submitted to us by My Voucher Codes. They also provided a description:

In celebration of this year’s Valentine’s Day, My Voucher Codes has delved deep into the romantic mind-set of the UK, creating an infographic to demonstrate just how loved up and spend-happy us Brits really are. In a poll of 2,446 people, we uncovered statistics to show which cities are more inclined to splash out on loved ones, the most popular types of gift – as well as how couples and singletons plan to spend the day. Are we a country of sentimental souls, or do we simply give in to commercial hype? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

This infographic has some good examples of data viz (a heart pie chart!) and is packed full of statistics. It’s a very clean and well-organized infographic, so it’s simple to browse straight through it without stumbling on anything confusing. I learned a lot about Valentine’s Day in the UK!

I feel that the top portion of the infographic (from the title through the “Biggest Romance Spenders” section) could be more visually engaging, though. Since the background is busy throughout, it’d be easy to go overboard, but I think something a little less subtle than the heart tag with the word “by” would help draw the reader in. There’s ample use of iconography later in the IG, so maybe if some of that were brought up toward the beginning of the graphic, the viewer would be more inclined to keep looking.

The weight of the Most Romantic and Most Un-Romantic cities is also pretty heavy, since it’s given so much real estate on the design. I think if it were scaled back a touch, that would streamline the flow a bit.

Although there is some data visualization, it’s not utilized to its full potential for the most part. There are only 4 visualized data points/sets even though there’s tons of data, so I’d love to see it brought out a bit more!

In all I’d give this IG a B-. It’s got the idea down — it could just use some more charts, graphs, etc.

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