Infographic: Louisiana: Where Anything Can Happen


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ADT Louisiana Security sent us this infographic.

It starts with an elaborate house illustration… and a sneaky burglar in the foreground. It’s full of interesting facts about property crime in the state of Louisiana and uses lots of illustration and iconography to tell its story. I’d love to see a little bit of data visualization to further explain some of the numbers, but in all it’s very effective and properly proofread.

I do find the “3x” over the ADT logo to be a bit distracting, especially since it isn’t centered. The logo could have been before or after the stat, or limited to the bottom of the infographic.

Incidentally, the logo at the bottom looks a little thrown in, too. It could have been combined with the whitespace for the sources or placed on top of the existing background without a white background behind it to look more integrated with the rest of the design.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s clear and concise, but a few design issues are holding it back.

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