Infographic: Lady Gaga–The Fame Monster


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This infographic was submitted to us by Big Pond Music.

The design on this is awesome. When I reached the bottom I kept trying to scroll further–I wanted to see how many layers of nighttime graveyard I could get through! It’s very visually engaging. I love the giant blue eyes by the YouTube views section. It flows well, the dimensions are good, and the text is minimal, appropriately placed, and easy to spot.

The only data visualizations on here are the number of times each single went platinum and the number of YouTube video views (although it took some scrutinizing for me to realize that there was a numerical basis for the line graph in that section–it would have been helpful if they were organized by least-to-most views). The number of weeks spent on the charts are represented only by the number. The number of Twitter followers could have been visualized by comparing how many followers @LadyGaga has compared to some other celebs. Speaking of the Twitter mention, the last “a” in her Twitter name seems to be bigger than all the other letters…

This spooky IG could benefit from more consideration put into what sort of data could be represented visually. Graphs and charts could have been used in several places that they weren’t, which would’ve been prime opportunity for even more unique content. Maybe the way the YouTube line graph is employed could be the groundwork for more data viz. More comparison to other top artists, songs and videos would support this, too.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C. It’s original and it’s on the right track, but it needs the extra push to take the visuals from just symbolism to actual data viz.

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