Infographic: Labor Law Posters and You


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Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog, website, or Static FBML box on Facebook brought us this infographic.

It’s a colorful design with a consistent palette and a consistent method of information display: icons, small illustrated scenes, and hierarchical typography.

In some places, it gets a little heavy on the text, such as “Where Should Posters Be Displayed?” and “When Do I Need to Replace the Posters?” Part of that is spacing (the green text under “Where Should Posters Be Displayed?” appears larger than it is because it’s confined to less than half the width of the page — even tricks of the eye should be accounted for when looking at how to display your information, though.

In all I would give this infographic a B, because it’s effective, consistent, and overall keeps text light.

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