Infographic: Know Your Market: What Tenants Say About Rental Risks


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CIA Insurance sent us this infographic!

It uses a pretty consistent color palette and some good data visualization to tell the story of what renters and landlords alike think of renting.

One thing to note is the varied illustration styles and fonts throughout; it’s important to set a tone for the aesthetic of your infographic and stick to it. The information should be the star of the infographic, and big changes in appearance can distract from that.

Also, when comparing data, it’s best to use apples-to-apples comparisons. For example, section 8 is “How Easy Are They To Get Hold Of?” and has 2 data points that directly relate to one another — how many people think their landlord is easy/hard to get a hold of. Ideally, both would be a percentage or both a fraction so that they clearly add up to a whole, but instead one is a percentage and the next a fraction. This makes the viewer do a bit of extra work to calculate how these compare. It could have been shown as “4/5 say easy, 1/5 say hard” to remedy that.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-, since it’s on the right track but could use a few housekeeping tips to get it into great shape.

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