Infographic: Keeping Food Safe from Farm to Fork


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Polygon Group submitted this infographic, and also provided a short description to accompany it:

Controlling humidity is critical to all sectors of the food industry. Farmers keep livestock healthy and comfortable. Food processing facilities eliminate humidity in the plant to keep dangerous condensation from contaminating food products. In the warehouse, humidity is controlled to ensure product quality before food is transported to the grocery store. For all levels of the food industry, humidity control protects and preserves our food supply.

This design contains a lot of valuable information on food safety, with relevant stats on meat production and livestock living conditions. It also makes good use of icons at certain points throughout (like the “Dangers of High Humidity in Food Manufacturing Areas” and “Benefits of Dessiccant Dehumidification Technology” sections).

I would suggest trying to reduce the text where possible, though, as infographics are most effective with quick bullets instead of paragraphs. One short line of text in a word processing document can become 5 or 6 lines on an infographic; additionally, infographics should let the images tell the story whenever possible.

In all I would give this a B- because it’s pretty informative but a bit text-heavy. Reducing the larger chunks of text throughout would really lighten up the design.

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