Infographic: Keeping Connected – The Importance of Mobile WiFi for Commuters


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This infographic was submitted to us by SinglePoint.

This design does a great job of utilizing data visualization to reduce text and streamline information. It’s quick and easy to see what story the information is telling, and there’s almost no reading involved (except for the final section, which is still kept relatively low on text).

It’s nice to see a good variety of data visualization options, too, ranging from pie and circle charts to bar graphs. I did find the “Impact of Millennials” chart to be a little confusing, since on the left side the largest number gets the thickest bar, but on the right side it’s the reverse.

There’s a lot of engaging information about our need to be connected here! Surprising how many people check their email at the dinner table — though I suppose it doesn’t specify if anyone else is there with them…

I’d give this infographic an A- overall. Engaging and well organized, with text kept to a minimum and pretty clean overall!


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