Infographic: Kardashian Wedding vs. Average Wedding


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at, who took a look at the extravagance that was Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

This infographic is a charming baby pink with staggeringly enormous cost implications. A $2 million ring?! Yikes, Kim. $20 million works out to 714 years of work for the average Joe, and she flushed it down in a matter of hours. At least she stayed reasonable with the $13 cloth napkin on the registry. Frivolity aside, this infographic does a pretty good job of packing all the source information into data viz, staying on topic, and putting things into perspective. I really like the comparison of other things $20 million could buy. It’s nice to know that her public release of the information paid for her wedding almost entirely.

The information here is really well organized and nicely laid out. If I could ask for more data viz, I’d like to see visualization of all the things that could be bought for $20 million. I’d love to see 284 new model Lexus sedans (or, more likely, 28.4, with each one representing 10 cars).

I’m also a little confused about the fondant box: “More than 16 tons of fondant is consumed each year in the US. 16 tons.” Maybe a visual was meant to go there, and it was overlooked? Just something to note.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s pretty darn informative, tells a complete story and has no unnecessary text–there just seem to be a few errors or missed opportunities holding it back. A couple more instances of data viz would really make this shine! (Get it?

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