Infographic: Is Your Budget Out to Lunch?


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This infographic was submitted to us by Charles Schwab, who also provided this description:

Life is too short not to enjoy some treats, but money spent on little conveniences and guilty pleasures can add up fast and get in the way of bigger dreams. Charles Schwab, which is committed to helping people make the most of their money, created the “Is Your Budget out to Lunch?” infographic to help people recognize how much they may be spending on seemingly painless expenses.

This infographic contains some interesting information — amazing how much we could save if we quit our gyms! It’s important to pay attention to what we consider “the little things” and see how much we really spend on them.

As far as design, this feels a little flat. It’s very much like a series of graphs rather than a cohesive infographic, and the mostly-white background with heavy text doesn’t feel particularly inviting. I’d love to see the design feature a bit more prominently over the text. The intended purpose of an infographic is to take information that might otherwise be conveyed in a book, article, whitepaper, web page, etc. and cut most of the text, using visuals (iconography, illustrations, graphs) to tell its story. In order for the viewer to get the information from this infographic, they must mostly rely on its text.

In the case of the first two sections, the data visualization actually does a great job — so we don’t really need all the supporting text to tell the same story twice. A few more labels near the graph (which could then be made bigger) would do the trick and be more visually engaging.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It could use a bit of a design boost to draw in viewers, and should eradicate erroneous text for the same goal.

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