Infographic: Is My Deck in Danger of Collapsing?


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This infographic was submitted to us by Rick’s Fencing

This makes a great tool for anyone wondering if it might be time to replace their deck. It gives detailed tips on what exactly to look for in multiple problem areas. The illustrations are simple but cute and do their job perfectly. (I’m a little worried about the guardrail missing from behind the illustrated character, though–hope she doesn’t fall off! Maybe a fence would help…)

However, there’s no data visualization here. There is only one number that could be visualized, anyway, but a solid infographic relies on data viz to tell the story. If we could get a few more factoids scattered within to up the numbers quotient, that would be helpful: what season is most common for collapse? What are the most and least durable deck woods? What percent of decks collapse from what problems?

Again, I love the concept surrounding the information here, and I think it’s definitely accomplishing what it set out to do, but as far as being a true infographic as we define them, it’s not really in the same category. That makes it hard to give it a letter grade–I’ll give it a B as a tool, but it’d have to be a D as an infographic since it lacks data viz and relies mostly on text.

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