Infographic: Is it Really Green?


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at CSG.

I really like the overall look and feel of this infographic, it has a good flow and balance of text and graphics. The pie chart about different aspects of “greenwashing” is nice and I also like the visually represented data in the guide to buying green section.

Overall I give this infographic a B+. It has pretty good data visualization and is very straightforward with the information presented. It held my interest throughout and I only had to read a little bit. One suggestion I have is to add some graphics to the descriptions or the pie chart about the six sins of greenwashing. This would require a lot of creativity to come up with graphics that actually represented the descriptions adequately but if it was done well it could add a lot to the data visualization of this section.

I like the data about shoppers in the guide to buying green section, using people and cleaning bottles with dollar signs on them to represent the statistics about how many shoppers do certain things is a nice touch. The bottom of the infographic where it shows things to look for that mean something is actually a “green” product is also a nice visual feature and is useful information for the reader.

This infographic does a good job of utilizing data visualization to tell a story about “green” products and what that really even means. The color scheme and straightforward design works well and presents the information in an interesting and easy to read way. With a few additions I could definitely raise the grade from a B+ to an A.

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