Infographic: Invoice Factoring: The Accessible Way to Today’s Small Businesses Can Secure Financing


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This infographic was submitted to us by Business Factors & Finance, who also provided a brief description:

Our full scale breakdown of the how invoice factoring process works as a top, alternative financing solution for small, medium, and large businesses.

This infographic uses engaging colors and a fun header to engage the viewer. It also serves as a pretty good explanation (from what I can tell, as an industry outsider) to the practice of Accounts Receivables Factoring.

However, it relies almost entirely on text to convey its messages, effectively separating it from the infographic category. This is instead basically a blog post broken up by a few graphic elements — the more text on an infographic, the less likely your reader is to stick around. Remember to always convey your message in images rather than words wherever possible, and include accompanying illustrations and icons to each text point — infographics should be seen more than they are read.

I like the idea of the speech bubbles over the map, but unfortunately their origination points on the map don’t seem to pertain to the regions in question (e.g., the message about Mesopotamia originations in Canada). Viewers will look to your graphic cues for clarification, so make sure they are really saying what they appear to be saying!

In all I’d give this infographic a C-. It needs to reevaluate how to convey its messages visually, rather than simply arranging text in non-linear ways.

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