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This infographic was submitted to us by Sofica Group.

There’s a lot of data viz here, which is definitely a plus. The colors are nice to look at and this provides a quick reference for anyone curious about how European investment funds are divided.

However, it’s such a basic design, and there’s no context provided. We get types of funds, contributing countries (but no explanation of why all the countries combined for each time period don’t add up to the total number of funds listed in the first graph), and the types of contributors. The colors, while visually appealing, are really too close to each other for the key to be very effective. One has to keep referencing the key after examining every portion of all the graphs, because the dark green looks very similar to the slightly darker green and the slightly lighter green.

Also, each section of data viz is exactly the same–a horizontal bar chart. No variation was attempted here. It looks like it may have been designed by an app, or else it didn’t take very much time to put together.

A bit more effort into attractive and unique appearance would help this infographic, as would additional supporting information. This tells a very short story, but I have a feeling there’s more to the story than what is displayed in the graphs here. Despite its clean B2B aesthetic, overall I’d give this infographic a C.

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