Infographic: In-House vs. Outsourced Affiliate Program Management


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This infographic was submitted to us by Consorte Marketing, who provided this description:

Affiliate program management is not an easy task. To become an effective affiliate manager, one must have excellent time management skills. It is also not a one person job as an affiliate manager must have networking and people skills, technical expertise, a talent for graphic design, and an expansive knowledge of how online systems work. These are just some of the reasons why there is always a constant debate on whether to outsource an e-commerce business’s affiliate marketing or to manage it in-house. This affiliate program management infographic gives us a detailed comparison of the two and explains why outsourcing your affiliate program is the logical choice for your business.

This graphic relies heavily on illustration/iconography to make its points. Since it’s more of a comparison of job responsibilities than traditional data points, it makes sense for the message the graphic is promoting. However, a traditional infographic will use some supporting data to drive its point home. What % of companies use in-house affiliate marketers vs. outsourcing? How much money or time could a business stand to save by outsourcing? What’s the general satisfaction level with each?

Adding this sort of information will not only strengthen the message, but will introduce visualizable numbers into the mix–a concrete version of the abstract tug-of-war that punctuates this graphic. The one man on the in-house side vs. the five men on the outsourced side could actually then serve to represent a real number, if one were available, like “4 out of 5 organizations prefer to outsource affiliate program duties.”

As an infographic I’d have to give this a C for lack of concrete data, though the points already conveyed here would be complimented nicely if numbers were added.

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