Infographic: In Case of Emergency, Use Social Media


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at EtonCorp, who provided this description:

“Mother Nature rules the world. Occasionally, she decides to remind us of that, and usually not too subtly. Natural disasters affect many people across the US (and the world) each year. However, with the ever-growing and changing world of social media, we can try to reduce the negative affects those disasters have on us.”

The chart showing which sectors of the United States government use varying forms of social media is very well done and serves its purpose of providing a snapshot comparison quite well. The design of the infographic is also very nice–it hearkens to social media with the icon-like depictions of each natural disaster and the items in the emergency preparedness kit. I love the way the title is designed–completely clever, appropriate for the subject, and with a great attention to detail.

However, this graphic is mostly text. Since it’s trying to provide tips more than it is displaying facts and statistics, this makes sense, but a good infographic keeps the text to a minimum. The very first chart, Types of Natural Disasters, could’ve benefited from an accompanying bar graph comparing the number of fatalities. Same thing for the number of Tweets and Facebook page “likes” for the earthquake and Irene. With a few more disasters for comparison, those numbers could’ve been put to great data viz use. Visuals wherever possible!

Overall I’ll give this infographic a C. It’s got a start on data viz, and the design is great, but there’s still an awful lot of text and tips in proportion to the amount of stats made into visualization.

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