Infographic: If Your Couch Could Talk


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This infographic was submitted to us by Super A-Mart, who also provided this description:

Furniture is an extremely important part of ones home and is an essential part of our lives. This graphic by Super A-Mart is designed to tell the story of what a couch has seen over ‘Jakes’ lifetime. From a baby, to a man with his own family, the couch has been there.

This is a fun infographic that uses the illustrations as the primary means of storytelling, providing just a bit of text for context.

The font choice is a bit odd for the descriptions of each panel; it’s somewhat hard to read without squinting at some of the words since some of the letters run together.

It is a nice example of a piece that serves to promote a brand, but first works to cultivate some trust through storytelling and visuals, not bringing up the brand until the very end.

In all I’d give this infographic a B; I’d like to see a bit more innovation in the design style, but it serves its purpose overall.

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