Infographic: Iconic Scenes from the Movie Casino That Really Happened


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Smart Live Gaming submitted this infographic to us!

It contains some very intriguing information about events in the movie “Casino” that really happened! Each event has an icon to help illustrate the point, which is a good use of iconography. It’s also pretty cool to get a look at the photos of the real people who inspired the characters in the movie.

The main thing that’s throwing off this infographic is its layout. We have a two-part header (the movie boilerplate and the dependent title of the design) and then a vertical display of pictures, a horizontal display of icons/text, and a very large image of a slot machine. The slot machine isn’t serving much of a purpose except to distract the viewer from the information, so I’d recommend tightening up the space and using only visuals that help tell the story. As is it unfortunately looks as though there were required dimensions for the infographic and they had to fill up the space with something — make sure all of your images serve a good purpose in your infographic!

In all I’d give this infographic a C. It could use more of a graphic design eye to bring things together and make sure every piece of the design is working hard for the ultimate goal.

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