Infographic: I Hate You, Payday Loans


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This infographic was submitted to us by 100DayLoansUK.

The clear data viz here is a major plus. It’s really easy to tell what the top answers are, not only by the presence of the data viz istelf but also the orange hue added for emphasis. The fonts are also simple and easy to read, and the style and palette stay consistent.

The doodles and written notes throw me off a little, though. I don’t see how they relate to the rest of the aesthetic — especially the heart with the arrow through it. Maybe if that’s what was in the heart image in the title, it would tie in better. It’s also a bit confusing that both “Borrowers” and “Non-Borrowers” are checked off under “Who Hates Payday Loans the Most?” since later, it’s concluded that Non-Borrowers are the bigger haters.

In all this is a solid infographic with clear data visualization, clear organization and good flow. It also seems to be very well proofread, which is actually pretty rare in the world of infographics! I would give it an A, although it could be fun to upgrade a little bit by using more unique methods of data visualization aside from standard bar charts and circle graphs.

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