Infographic: How’s My Driving?


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It’s an informative look about how opinions on cars, fuel, insurance and more vary by region. I bet it provides great “fuel” for poking fun at friends and family in different parts of the country!

The graphic uses a combination of illustrations, icons, renderings, and photos, which makes for a bit of a busy aesthetic. Infographics should focus on either photos, illustrations, or 3D renderings, but only one of those options to ensure a cohesive design.

While there are lots of illustrations and icons used, there are plenty of opportunities for data visualization as well that haven’t been utilized. Every percentage could be represented with a pie chart, pictogram, or other clever display, but instead viewers have to read the numerals instead of absorbing pictures.

While there’s a great intro that explains exactly what viewers will learn, I’d also love to see a concluding statement that is either thought-provoking or a call to action. It helps to give the viewer something to linger on or act on once the graphic is finished, to leave a lasting impression.

In all I’d give this a C for the complex combination of styles and the lack of visualized data. Simplify things for the viewer and they are more likely to stick around!

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