Infographic: How Will You Die?


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I really like the ominous fortune teller/crystal ball image at the top. It’s kind of funny because of the belief that fortune tellers use extremely likely, vague statements–one could imagine a fortune teller using this infographic to make believable predictions about future cause of death! The color scheme is nice, it’s definitely engaging subject matter, and it tells a lot.

There is soooo much information here, though, that it looks incredibly verbose, even though the words are all necessary. I wonder if having charts or graphs for every age group/race/gender would make this infographic more or less cluttered. The way it’s set up, I feel viewers are likely to locate their own demographic and then skip out on the rest of the information. Maybe breaking it up into a series of infographics (male and female, everyone ages 35-44, etc.) would be helpful? A graph could’ve easily been employed to show the relative likelihoods of each of the unlikely ways to die, too.

Because of the repetitive nature of the layout, I found the way the words were lined up with the skulls to be distracting. Causes of death that only took one line were lined up with the bottom of the skull, while those with two lines were centered. My eyes kept looking for the cause of death near the skulls’ eye levels. It seems nit-picky, but I think it would make a huge stylistic difference if all the words were lined up to the center of the skull. It would help the charts look balanced.

Since this is more a word chart than it is data viz, I’m not quite sure how to grade it. It’s designed well and it functions in a way that makes it easy for everyone to locate their own demographic, but there are no graphs or visualizations (other than the icons of each gender/ethnicity). Having the percentage or total numbers of people who die from each cause would simplify the data viz quite a bit. For that reason I’ll give it a C: it serves its purpose well, but makes comparison between demographics more difficult than graphs would.

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