Infographic: How to Write a Sentence


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Writing.Rocks sent us this infographic on crafting a good sentence. It contains some good tips to think about when you need to revise a sentence.

I also like the visual theme of a notepad/sheet of paper; though many sentences now are probably crafted in word processors, the visual cues of physical pen and paper are arguably more effective in painting the right picture. The use of some visual devices to help tell the story are also instrumental; for instance, the trash can near the top is great at showing that an uninteresting sentence should just be scrapped. Somewhere I wish visual cues were integrated more is in the long lists of clarifying questions and suggestions, like “Will it serve others?” and “Edit it.” A long list can look a bit daunting, especially when it appears inside a graphic with very minimal text in other spots on the design, and visuals can help create balance in that instance.

I also wonder if a bit more elaboration on “Does it work for your readers?” could be included; that seems like an opportunity to provide some options or more questions spurring off of it, for the author to get a better sense of whether the sentence might truly resonate with their audience.

In all I’d give this a B- because it’s a fairly effective flowchart, but could benefit from more visual cues in places to avoid overwhelming the viewer.

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