Infographic: How to Transform Your Dissertation from a 2:1 into a 1st


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This infographic was submitted to us by Ivory Research, who also provided this description:

Dissertations/Theses mark the final milestone towards achieving a much-deserved University degree. But let’s be honest, even after students have studied and completed arduous assignments for years, they tend to not be fully prepared for the depth and confusion that can arise with the dissertation task at hand. And at the same time, they all want to do well and achieve a creditable grade.

That’s why Ivory Research has prepared this dissertation-focused infographic to help students stand out from the 2:1 crowd and to achieve a 1:1 place position.

This is a great guide for students looking to improve their existing (or upcoming) dissertation. Because of the nature of the graphic — a guide for writing — it relies almost entirely on text. Ordinarily, infographics should use text as supplements to imagery, but the subject matter for this requires text explanation. I like that it’s organized into bullet points so it is still fairly quick for the viewer to get through, but it isn’t an infographic in the traditional sense.

To spruce this guide up, it would be nice to see each section featuring something a little different. They all look nearly identical with the exception of a couple of doodles or the crumpled paper in a different spot. Maybe “Analysis of Findings” could have a magnifying glass or a microscope. “Conclusion” could be the final page of the books, or even the back cover! “Bibliography/References and Citations” could be formatted as a Works Cited/Bibliography page. A little more variety will keep the viewer hooked!

In all I’d give this an A as a guide for dissertation prep, but it isn’t really an infographic in the sense of using imagery and data to tell its story — that would require an overhaul of its focus.

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