Infographic: How to Tailgate in Style


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This infographic was submitted to us by StowAway2.

There’s a lot of good information here and a great amount of hard statistics! It’s surprising to see how many tailgaters arrive several hours before the game to set up and get cooking, especially considering 1 in 3 of them never even enter the game! I’m going to guess that live streams and portable TVs are common for this reason — it would be nice to see some stats on how tailgaters prefer to watch the game when it’s broadcast.

The organization/layout is a little cramped, so it’s hard to decide what to look at first. There isn’t a lot of breathing room to let each stat stand out on its own. A little more negative space would benefit the design.

I understand the reasoning for the colors, but they come out a little garish on my screen. Of course, that’s different for almost everyone, but it gets hard to look at after awhile.

I love the football design for Top 10 College Tailgating Destinations. Very clever! And the positives and negatives of each type of cargo carrier will help outfit any tailgater.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B — it’s got great stats and info but could use a little bit of rethinking on organization and possibly color scheme.

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