Infographic: How To Survive The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


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This infographic comes to us from Sitata, who also provided a description for their design:

As pioneering experts in travel health and safety, Sitata prepared an infographic that provides some practical tips and advice for visitors to Brazil to ensure their World Cup trips are incident and worry-free. The key thing to note is that the vast majority of visitors to Brazil will not experience anything worse than a long lineup to pick up their tickets and an exuberant crowd living in the moment.

However, Brazil can present a challenging environment for tourists, with a number of health and safety risks to consider. As our infographic states, the three main things travellers should be aware of during their stay in Brazil are dengue fever, protests and petty crimes.

This is a very informative piece on some of the inconveniences and dangers that may impede tourists traveling for the World Cup. The design does a good job of using icons and illustrations to convey its point. The map for Dengue fever risk levels in World Cup cities is especially helpful.

I think this infographic could be much more concise by sizing down several of the elements. The negative space is valuable and should only be slightly decreased if anything (except in certain spots, like the wide space between the end of the info and the Sources section), but the icons and text can be shrunk to minimize the amount of time it takes to move through the infographic.

In all I’d give this a B — it’s very informative and keeps text fairly short where possible, but making it wider and shorter with slightly smaller elements would improve the ease of information consumption here.

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