Infographic: How to Prepare Your Caravan for Winter


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The Caravan Company sent us this infographic.

This is a really helpful guide for those preparing for winter storage. There are lots of useful tips presented here to be sure people don’t come back in the spring to a moldy or infested caravan!

Many of the tips are exclusively in the form of text, which does make it a bit tough to get through at times. The illustrations (like the color-coded caravan in Preparing the Interior of Your Caravan) definitely help smooth things over; one of my favorite examples is the Winterising the Exterior of Your Caravan Dos and Don’ts section, where each short tip has an accompanying icon that tells the viewer what the tip is primarily about without even needing to read the text. I also really like the caravan illustration with circled callouts underneath that.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- because it is still a bit text-heavy in spots (one particular point of note is the third bullet in Final Winter Checklist), but contains a lot of helpful information.

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