Infographic: How to Play Online Slot Machines


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This infographic was submitted to us by webslotcasino! They also provided a short description:

Online slot machines are very popular nowadays and that is why this IG is online here. If you want to try gambling slots, it would be helpful for you. Check out all important moments before starting and then win your jackpot without any problems. Also, players may test IG tips using free demo versions of slots at webslotcasino portal.

It’s helpful to have an anatomy of how an online slot machine is laid out! First-time players will certainly appreciate the key as they navigate the system.

The “History of Slot Machines” portion is not as engaging because it’s all text. It’s too large of a chunk to get through when expecting an infographic, which is by nature light on text… the eye is likely to simply skip it.

Many of the other sections are also a bit too saturated in text, though they contain some useful information — “Slot Machine Features” is especially helpful, although it does contain an interesting Latin typo! However, always use visuals over text when possible!

In all I’d give this infographic a C. To be more successful, it would benefit from more visuals and less text!

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