Infographic: How to Pick the Right Barcode Label?


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This infographic was submitted to us by SystemID.

The design on this is really nice. It’s easy to follow, the colors pop, the size is great, and the iconography/illustration has a consistent look to it. It’s also a pretty informative tutorial on how to pick the correct label for your desired application, covering all the features specific to each label type.

However, the tutorial-like nature of the IG means there isn’t much chance for data viz. About the only thing we get in terms of that is the line chart measuring the resistance of different labels to different elements–but since the axes aren’t labelled, it’s pretty unclear what the incline of the lines is actually showing. We see that the polyester labels are most resistant, but the actual progression of each line is arbitrary. It’s making a point more than it is showing any real data. If the infographic included some research (i.e. how long each type of label held up with constant water exposure), that would add proof to what’s currently just a claim.

Since this graphic is so visually appealing and fairly informative, it’s difficult to grade it down, but the lack of any concrete data means this isn’t truly an infographic. It’s definitely a promotional tool, and there’s nothing wrong with that–when it’s presented with enough data. I’ll have to give it a C overall.

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