Infographic: How to Feng Shui a Living Room


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Koozai, for Paul Simon home furnishings.

It has a calming effect, and water could conceivably flow between the blocks of text, so perhaps the designer paid some mind to chi when creating the infographic. The background and font are good choices, and I like that most of the points made are illustrated here. It’s certainly a good guide to creating feng shui, and could be really useful for people moving or just reorganizing their living area.

To achieve “infographic shui” (a concept completely made up for the purposes of this critique), the guide would need statistics. Since this is what we call “soft data” (there are tips and tricks, but no facts or figures), data visualization would be difficult to impossible. Any statistics about the amount a person’s mood is boosted by a properly set up room or how many people consider feng shui when designing might be difficult to find or unreliable. This really just means that while this is a nice tool, it can’t be called an infographic.

It’d be difficult to critique the guide as such, then. I would like to see the model of the living room as the main focus, regardless. That way viewers could see a large sample of feng shui executed properly, and each key element could be highlighted by a symbol or arrow that would then be explained in a key. In general with any graphic, the emphasis should be on visuals more than on text.

As an infographic, I’d have to give this a D-, because there is no data, and therefore no data viz. It’s text-heavy and offers no concrete information. But as a tool to increase awareness of the concepts of living room feng shui, I’d be rating it much higher. I’m sure I will consider these points when I reorganize my furniture next!

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