Infographic: How to Dress Like James Bond


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This infographic was submitted to us by Alfred Dunhill.

I love the silhouettes throughout this IG, evoking the imagery of the typical Bond intro credits. I also appreciate that text is kept to a minimum throughout and that although there are several different colors used, they are sectioned off so they don’t look overwhelming all together.

I’m confused about the data viz in the lead section. What are the percentages? Did Bond wear midnight blue fabric 47% of the time? Or did 47% of fans vote for midnight blue as their favorite? What’s the context? I do love the style of the pie charts, though — another classic Bond element.

Although the silhouettes are styled nicely, it’s a little odd that such detail is given about each and every thing Bond is wearing, yet we can’t actually see that detail. Omega ‘Seamaster’ Watch — not pictured. Converse Jack Purcell OTR? Just some olive-green shoe silhouettes. Ralph Lauren brown belt — not only not pictures, but probably wouldn’t be brown if it were. Just seems that silhouettes were used as an aesthetic without considering the value of detail to the piece. Since the concept of the infographic is all about the little details of Bond’s outfits, I think we need to see that.

I DO love the inclusion of the fashion faux-pas though!

In all I’d give this infographic a C. While a lot of effort was made to sneaky in Bond-esque elements, I think in some cases it overshadows the best interest of the infographic. I also need more explanation regarding what the data viz means. But conceptually, I love that there’s an infographic about this topic.

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