Infographic: How to Create Websites in Photoshop: Evolution of Web Design

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Via Divine
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This infographic comes courtesy of Divine. It covers the history of programming online, and how the programming world has evolved from three angles: graphics, coding and development. This is all very interesting information, and is very visual in its presentation. I like the colors used, keeping them relatively uniform and toned down makes it easier on the eyes and more likely to hold the users attention. The chronological layout is also helpful in keeping track of the development of programming and gives a good representation of how quickly things change in that world.

One of the issues with visualizing technical information is that it’s easy to lose a not-so-techy viewer in the amount of information you’re visualizing. I think this infographic drops some points here, because unless you’re familiar with what CS5 is or WYSISYG editors, you would never know unless you were to refer to the small, hard to read text that somehow lines up with each tile.

The information is there, but the text is tiny and without that text most people would be left hanging. If they were given visual examples of a site utilizing Flash player or what WYSIWYG editors do or look like, it’d be more of an impacting infographic.

Overall, the colors are clean and the design is good. Making it less techy and a bit more visualized would be helpful for the common viewer who doesn’t know what these programs or codes are, but is still interested in the information. I’d give this a B for a good design, but a little short on visualization.

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