Infographic: How to Budget for the Perfect Bachelorette Party


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The folks at Bachelorette Superstore passed along this new infographic.

The design is pretty well organized and includes valuable information for bridesmaids to save money on bachelorette parties. I like the quick list at the end with fast tips on how to save (and corresponding icons for each).

There’s a pretty good balance of text and icons/data visualization so that the viewer can navigate quickly and confidently through the infographic. It also does a pretty good job of leaving branding off until near the end, so the viewer sees the value of the information before they feel like they’re being sold to.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B+ for its clarity and the focus of information, but there are places where the text could be tightened up (like the intro paragraph and some of the stat descriptions) to streamline the info a bit more.

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