Infographic: How to Beat the Airport Layover Blues


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Corporate Traveller brought us this infographic; they also supplied the following text to accompany it:

Waiting around in airports is definitely the worst thing about travelling. When we are in transit all we want to do is arrive at our destination… but with flight cancellations and delays this can sometimes mean waiting around for hours! That’s why Corporate Traveller have come up with this helpful infographic with some tips on how to beat the airport layover blues and make the time fly!

The bright colors and fun illustrations make this infographic pretty engaging from the first glance! A few details would punch it up a bit. First off, there’s some inconsistency in capitalization in the section headers. Most are in title casing, but one is in sentence casing. Also, there are some areas where the vehicle of the text is at an angle, but the text itself remains horizontal. It looks odd to the eye to have a swinging shopping bag with text that doesn’t match its angle.

The text could also be reduced a bit to increase the impact of the images.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s fun and informative, but could use some tweaks to boost it up a bit.

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