Infographic: How Technology Changed the Medical Industry


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I like the simplicity of the data viz and the high-contrast icons representing healthcare apps here. The concise summaries of each healthcare app make that whole section appealing. The extremely thorough timeline on the side is also pretty intriguing, and I like the color coding by century.

Ultimately, there is far too much text on this infographic. The way that the timeline is squeezed into a narrow space on the left makes it look more text-heavy than it is, because some years take up three or four lines. The Advances in Medical Technology section could also use some pruning. It’s difficult to get someone looking at infographics to sit and read it. One of the benefits of infographics is that they can be taken in quickly, because text is kept to a minimum. Perhaps the infographic could have been made wider to give the visual effect of less text.

There are only two points of data viz on the infographic, and I’d love to see more. I’m also a little confused by the pie chart blended with the bar graph–what’s the significance of their proximity? They seem to be categorically different, as though they need two different headings.

Lastly, the title isn’t actually a question, but it’s punctuated with a question mark. (“How Has Technology…” would be a question.) Proofreading is always an important step of putting anything “out there,” whether online or in print.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C. It’s got data viz, but the text needs trimming and the overall design needs ingenuity. When someone can take in all the information in closer to 1 minute, it’ll be ready. For now, the reading takes longer than that.

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