Infographic: How Smart Is Your City?


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This infographic comes to us via IBM. Here is what their representative had to say upon submitting this infographic to us:

The graphic illustrates some of the results from a recent ComRes survey highlighting how people living in London, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow feel about their city. This graphic was created to support a discussion held at BASELondon on 22 June 2011 that brought together UK leaders and residents to discuss ways in dealing with the challenges facing cities today. Cities are complex, noisy, congested and bursting at the seams, yet people continue to choose to live and work in them. We need our cities to thrive in order to secure all of our futures. The overall programme, IBM’s Smarter Cities, aims to link people and information together to improve our cities for the future.

For it’s size, the infographic has a decent amount of data visualization but could use a little more. Having each color represent a different city is great because it keeps things simple and less cluttered (this wouldn’t work if there were any more cities to keep track of, though). The whole thing also flows really nicely and there is some good data visualization. I like the top section where the circles are sized differently depending on their percentages – it would be better to visualize the “most important things” section at the bottom in the same way. The other sections in the clouds could also be visualized – representing these call-outs graphically would really improve this infographic. The only point of clarification if the transportation question – it is unclear whether each data point represents answers for an individual city (based on the colors) or the total overall results since all of the other data is called out in the clouds and not the rainbow. Maybe sectioning this off as a thinner cloud for could work, for the sake of consistency.


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