Infographic: How Safe is Your Area?


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CIA Landlords submitted this infographic to us!

The infographic uses lots of graphs to add a visual component to the story. The bright green color does draw the viewer’s attention in, too.

The design of the graphs unfortunately looks like they were just duplicated from a whitepaper or text document rather than being creatively designed or designed to match the rest of the image. Strong infographics should have a unified aesthetic so that certain elements aren’t fighting others for dominance in the design.

Additionally, between the infographics there is quite a bit of text. The graphs should be able to tell most of that story, but for supplemental info it’s best to break up the text into smaller chunks, shorten it into brief phrases, and include icons or illustrations that support that information. Whenever possible, a viewer should be able to look instead of read to get their information.

In all I’d give this infographic a C- because while the graphs are helpful and succinct, the design isn’t particularly unified and the viewer still relies on text to get a lot of the story.

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